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Meet the team

Bhavish Raj Gopal

Saswat Pattnaik

Arpit Omprakash

Our Story

When I was doing my final year thesis at the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Mohali, I was working on a topic that I was really passionate about: "Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of diabetic care in India". ...more I was fortunate enough to have an amazing supervisor, Professor Sarang Deo from the Indian School of Business, and a fantastic team to work with. I loved every minute of it!

But as much as I loved my work, there was one part of it that I found incredibly tedious: organizing all the information I had gathered from countless research papers, articles, blogs, and websites. At first, it was fun to be so organized and take notes, download PDFs, and bookmark sites with creative tags. I thought I had everything under control.

But then reality set in. Every day, I found myself dealing with dozens of tabs open in my browser, shuffling between different apps to take notes and keep track of sources, and struggling to remember where I had found important pieces of information. It was a nightmare!

When it came time to submit my first report, I realized just how much I had messed up. I had trouble citing sources and organizing my thoughts, and it took me much longer than it should have to complete the documentation. I knew I needed to find a better way to stay organized, not just for my thesis but for any future work as well.

That's when I joined forces with two of my best friends and fellow researchers, Arpit and Bhavish, to create a solution for the millions of knowledge workers out there who struggle with the same problem. We called it ResNote, a simple Chrome extension that helps you take notes with sources automatically. With ResNote, you can take notes anywhere on the web with just a drag and drop or right-click, and all your relevant information is saved along with its sources automatically.

We know that staying organized can be a real challenge, but it's the key to success in any knowledge-based job. With ResNote, we're making it easier for you to be productive and stay on top of your work. We hope it makes a difference for you, just like it has for us!

Hope it works!!! 🙏

Saswat Pattnaik